Hammered Game Tables


NY Table

Bringing table top gaming to the next level, under the top!

Completely modular, setup in less than an hour, and endless expansion!


Table 1

Decades of Experience

By utilizing old world craftsmanship with new world technology we have found the perfect balance to help you find the "Rite-Fit" table for your needs that won't sink your ship. Everyone has a place at our tables.

Table 2

Customizable Design

Let the Wizards here at Hammered help you to create everything from sleek and simple to down right monstrous.

Table 3

Affordability (Seriously)

We here at Hammered Game Tables know what it's like to hand over hard earned cash and receive less than high quality workmanship. You don't have to find buried treasure or rob someone else's to get the tough sturdy quality of real wood design sculpted from your own imagination!

A Special Message From Our Freinds at Dwarven Forge!

Dwarven Forge -- makers of the world's finest gaming terrain -- returns underground to create the ultimate dungeon. We're thrilled to present our new Kickstarter: Dungeon of Doom!

We've finished the design and the sculpting -- nearly 150 different brand new pieces! But to create the steel molds required for production -- and to commit to the enormous production run required to bring this remarkable dungeon to gamers -- we also need your support.

Please click here to visit our KICKSTARTER page to make your contribution and reserve your terrain!

Our Philosophy

The art of wood working starts with you. Understanding your storage, gaming, functionality and size needs and wants helps us to furnish you with something that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

It is our moral and ethical duty to provide our customers with an affordable alternative to some of the most expensive pieces of gaming equipment you and your gaming group needs.