The Tavern Finish Has Arrived!

This finish derives its character from the ancient skill of Dwarves using Dragons' fire in the bellows of their forge to treat and shape the wood. A finish fit for every adventurer, where one can truly relax and share pint after pint. Free from worrisome spills or scratches this roughhewn finish is Epic! Visit the tables section to see it for yourself.

welcome to our tables, where everyone has a place!

NY Table

shown - The Rathskeller - a 3 Section Table

With our new wood-finish options, Hammered Game Tables has a look and size for every gamers tastes and budgets!

Still completely modular, featuring setup in less than an hour, and endless expansion!

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The joy of choosing an expertly crafted table.

Table 1

Decades of Experience

By utilizing old world Dwarven craftsmanship with new world Gnomish technologies, (only the proven ones), we have found the perfect balance to ensure you find the modular table for your needs. Now everyone will have a place at your table.

above table – Alehouse with Tavern finish (wood burned text or images are optional)

Table 2

Customizable Design

Being able to choose from multiple styles of finish, differing levels of distressing, hand burned motifs and text, and the ability to add additional accessories anytime creates a one of a kind table that you can change out for years to come. Choose any color shade under the sun.

above table – Alehouse with Tavern finish (wood burned text or images are optional)

Table 3


Stop paying more for things that should be standard! I know what it's like to hand over hard earned cash for gaming tables and accessories. All our tables come standard with an array of accessories to ensure you’re ready to game the moment your table arrives!

above table – Pub with Lords finish (unstained surfaces optional)

The thrill of the fill! Set and store terrain!

Terrain 1

set and store

Terrain 2

modular tables

Terrain 3

for modular terrain

tables featured above – Alehouse and Rathskeller both with The Lords’ finish.

Our Philosophy

The art of wood working starts with you. Understanding your storage, gaming, functionality and size needs and wants helps us to furnish you with something that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

It is our moral and ethical duty to provide our customers with an affordable alternative to some of the most expensive pieces of gaming equipment you and your gaming group needs.