Meet The Builders Behind The Tables

Daniel Fisher

Hi, I am Daniel Fisher!

Family man, wood craftsman, Dungeon Master, and gamer. I am dedicated to making high quality all-wood game tables and accessories. I am a Geek who has made it a quest to provide affordable solutions for my fellow gamers. My passion for gaming has spanned three plus decades and many different RPG's, Dungeons and Dragons being my first love.

My Wife
Having used three-dimensional terrain and miniatures for years, the hassle of set-up and take down had me frustrated. My quest for a gaming table that met my needs also left me wanting. A real vault to hold my terrain, a place for my players to sprawl without demolishing my set-ups, and something to express my individuality as a Game Master.

With that, I stoked the bellows and got to work! After years of collaborating with Dwarves, Dragons, and Gnomish engineers, I humbly offer you my forge.

Let’s create one of your own!

Sharing our passion

We are loud, boisterous, and throw our dice, but most of all we are in it for the game, the camaraderie, and the fun. I am extremely excited to lead such a talented team and am excited to share this with you!