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Tavern finish grey and level 1 distressing

The Epitome of Care

All our tables are made from New England whitewood also known as yellow poplar. Harvested most commonly from the Appalachian Mountains, these hardwood trees will reach heights’ of up to 150 ft. tall. One of the best woods for a hand-hewn finish it allows for a wide variety of burning and distressing techniques.

Additional wood types are available but may require longer delivery times of your selected table. Contact us directly about your wood choice interests and how they will reflect on the final table cost.

Stains and Finishes

The Tavern finish - This is our most visually striking finish. We utilize a variant of the Sho sugi ban technique (FIRE) to darken the sweeping hard grain. Wire brushing back the burn from the spring grains allows us to apply any color you choose (Grey, Brown, Red, Purple, you name it) or we can match an existing color with extraordinary results. The dark grains are left raised, leaving a very satisfying tactile feel and a look that says this is no ordinary table. With this finish you can select your level of Distressing from the chart below, You may also mix and match different levels of distressing for your accessories and table top.

Example: I would like #1 on the main table but #3 on all my accessories and #4 on the leaves.

*This finish is VOC free keeping your home, pets, and children safe from chemical toxins such as formaldehyde that can leak from lacquered and Polyurethane finishes.

Distressing Chart for the Tavern finish

Level 1:

light wear reflecting a well-kept slightly aged table, you can feel the wood grain ridges. (Standard with all Tavern Finished tables) (appears 20 to 40 years aged)

Level 2:

px same as #1 above with light mace dents, worm holes, maybe a few stray dagger stabs. A place where adventures come for a long rest. (appears 40 to 60 years aged)

Level 3:

Very weathered, deeper sweeping grooves, several worm holes, with light mug dents. (appears 60 to 100 years aged)

Level 4:

Same as #3 above but with embedded chain mail links, sword slashes, maul dents, dagger stabs, and deep grooves where drinks have been poured out for the last century or two!

Want Complete Distressed Customization? - Just call or email me! Have your characters names carved into the table, premade wine stains, blood from a tavern brawl, Arcane spell components burned into the surface. These are just a few ideas! Let’s brainstorm what we can to for your table.

Lords finish – ($350.00 upcharge per table section) This finish is hand crafted with the utmost care. Utilizing a lacquered finish and coming in a wide array of colors it will be a beautiful addition to any great room. We can match almost any décor.**

**This finish is not VOC free and can contain chemicals known in the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Painted Finish – (Upcharge depends on painting themes and styles) We utilize Sherwin-Williams you can select your perfect color by visiting Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Application website.

personalize each of your accessories

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Wood Burning

Whether it is burning your characters image inside your dice tray, Maps across the top of your table leaves, or Dwarven and Elvin song lyrics in and around the lip of your table, we can spend as much or as little time needed to ensure your table expresses the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your campaign.
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Custom Lighting

Unlike Dwarves not everyone has infravision so we do offer LED under the lip lighting in a wide array of kits. Most start around $150.00

Dwarven Master Caddy options

As a game master of 30 years I understand each Game Master has their own way of running a game. We want to emulate that by offering an upgraded assortment of Game Master caddies and accessories that will complement the way you play. We have built several custom pieces and have some great ideas for you. If this is your path you can count on me take the time to understand how you Game Master and help you to refine the caddy to meet all of your needs. Most custom Game Master caddies come in around $500.00. Let’s discuss what changes you would like to make so that your caddy is just right for you.

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Companies we know and trust to bring the best to your table.

Dwarven Forge - in my humble opinion, is the greatest realistic 3D Dungeon Terrain on the market. We have been using their products for years. They embrace the same dedication to quality and service that we do here at Hammered Game Tables. Please contact them at Dwarven Forge Founder and artist Stefan Pokorny is a Hammered owner, and is the first to tell you he owns our prototype! They understand the dedication and passion behind what we do.

AxeNShield – Chris and Nancy are Hammered owners and have firsthand experience creating custom clear acrylic solutions for any surface on or in your table. From table bottom covers, clear map covers, Mini Flyers, Terrain risers, and spell templates, just to name a few. You can contact them at AxeNShield and use Promo Code “HAMMERED”.

Kraken Dice – Looking for some of the best dice on the market? They look phenomenal in our dice trays! Our friends at Kraken will have you covered contact them at KrakenDice

GameMatz – Looking to cover your tables with Lava or cobblestone? Need a custom mat to reflect a tavern layout or a war torn land? Be sure to contact them and let them know Hammered Dan sent you! GameMatz

RealGameFX – Take the realism of your game over the top by adding any of their incredible accessories. We have enjoyed several of their Kickstarters.