How To Make A Hammered Table Your Own!

Table 1


  • Choose how many sections you want, your finish, and any custom options
  • ** Call or email Daniel Fisher to finalize at (651) 442-6650 or
  • A 50% deposit plus any custom options begins construction
  • Make arrangements with your shipper or we can arrange it for a small convenience fee
  • Upon completion pay the balance and receive your Hammered Game Table
  • Take 30 to 45 minutes setting up your table (Simple "L-wrench" installation)
  • Get your friends together and "Play Hammered!"

Tavern Series Table

Current Pricing

  • Base $3,750.00
  • Additional sections $3,500.00
  • Prices subject to change based on material availability. If you have any questions about current pricing or would like to inquire about customization or additional options, please contact us directly.

** Customization needs to be discussed with Daniel Fisher and online quotes may not be available due to the nature and complexity of your requests. Your Hammered Game Table construction begins with a 50% deposit of your total plus any custom requests. Curbside pick-up available. Purchaser responsible for shipping/charges. No International Orders outside of Canada, Yet! You will receive an invoice upon confirmation of your selected table showing all options.

Table 2


  • If you have chosen a table from our product line that does not require customization, feel free to make your deposit via PayPal using the provided link. If you have questions about making your deposit please contact Daniel Fisher at (651) 442-6650.

Just a Hatchback!


  • Shipping can be as simple as packing an Alehouse into a hatchback or, a local pickup shipper may be contacted directly to receive a comparison quote to some of the larger shipping companies. However, we will work with any shipper you have chosen!